Wednesday, 18 January 2017

On Eltham Green with some fine houses from the 1840s

I will have passed these houses on the bus and never given them much of a thought which is a shame really because they are fine houses dating from the 1840s.

Later I think I shall explore their stories but in the meantime here is a short description from Darrell Spurgeon

“This old piece of common land is now split apart by Westhorne Avenue and its roundabout/  In a pleasant setting fronting the west part of the Green is a varied and attractive group of houses, mostly of the late 840s(some with modern porches and extensions).  

Some are detached houses are in pairs.  The only serious intrusions are a post war block in the grounds of no8. And nos 11/12, a pair c1903; otherwise the whole group is very handsome.”*

Picture; from Discover Eltham and its Environs, Darrell Spurgeon, 2000

*Discover Eltham and its Environs, Darrell Spurgeon, 2000

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