Tuesday, 17 January 2017

On Shude Hill remembering the 1980s

Now in the 1980s Manchester cafe society pretty much still just stretched to a couple of tables and chairs plonked down on the street outside the pub or cafe.

And while I may be unfair this picture by John Casey of Shudehill in the 1980s brings it all back.

But at least this was a distinct improvement on just a decade and a bit before when coffee meant a cup of something brown and very milky, you could only get a glass of wine between 11 and 3 in the day and pub food amounted to a pie, a sandwich or a selection of pickled eggs.

This is that bit of Shudehill from Withy Grove up to Thomas Street and while to our right you can still call in at the Lower Turk’s Head and the successor to the Abergeldie Cafe the left side of the road has been transformed by the new Metro and bus station.

Location; Manchester

Picture; on Shudehill in the 1980s, from the collection of John Casey

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