Wednesday, 25 January 2017

One very remarkable photograph of Chorlton-cum-Hardy Central School in the August of 1927

Now when my friend Ian Henderson told me about his dad’s school photograph from 1927 I knew we had a fascinating piece of history.

It was taken in the playground of what is now Oswald Road School playground and is a unique record in the form of one of those long pictures which got everyone in from the head teacher down to the youngest student.

It is too big to be shown in its entirety and so over the next few days I want to show it in sections.

There may even be people in Chorlton who can tell a story of one of those in the picture.

I could start with Ian’s dad but I will let him do that.

Suffice to say that the photograph cost 1/6d came in its own stiff cardboard package and has stood the test of 90 years.

But with nearly a century under its belt Ian decided to get a copy made and I am grateful to him for sharing the reproduction.

And that just leaves me to say Ian stalled our burglar alarm  nearly 30 years ago and continues to look after it with care and attention.*

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy


Picture; Chorlton-cum-Hardy Central School in the August of 1927, from the collection of Ian Henderson.

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