Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Posters from the Past ........... no 2 Berlin, the Bauhus and an explanation

Now yesterday I introduced the new series, Posters from the Past with Peter’s invitation to Blackpool and here as promised is his explanation for how the project came about.*

“When I go travelling I always carry my camera with me in case I am inspired by that "perfect moment". 

And there I was travelling with my son and his wife on the Berlin U-Bahn when I came across a 1920s Art Deco style poster. It fascinated me to think that before the age of technology these posters were hand painted and 
reproduced by a lithographic process.

Not only were these posters incredible works of art but they were the prime source of advertising.

As we arrived on the platform the underground train was waiting for us. The children walked towards it and I saw "a moment in time". This was not just a photo opportunity but an inspiration to recreate the Art Deco poster technique of the 1920s and 1930s.

I had memories of visits to the Bauhaus, with its style of design based on a minimalist approach, clean lines with bold, simple colours. 

And then my mind turned to British artist Kenneth Hauff with his Whitby... It's Quicker By Rail poster and then to Charles Shepherd from Baynard Press, who studied art under Paul Woodroffe, and produced countless British Rail posters.

But... As Andrew keeps telling me... he tells the stories and I paint the pictures. So this leads me very quickly into describing an idea for a series of posters of Manchester, enhanced by stories from Andrew.”

Well that was last night and by this morning we had decided that the series would go worldwide, so having strayed up the coast to Blackpool, stood in the Berlin U-Bahn the series will return to Manchester before heading off to London and beyond.

Location; pretty much everywhere.

Posters; Berlin U-Bahn, and Blackpool, © 2016 Peter Topping


*Posters from the Past

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