Friday, 27 January 2017

Posters from the Past ........... no 5 Pullman Dining Pickering to Grosmont

Now here is a poster for my friend Marion Jackson who wrote on Tuesday that  she was enjoying the new series Posters from the Past and "loved the posters you used to see in train carriages." 

And asked if we were going to include "some of the old advertising that was so amusing,  like the ones for wool."

So for Marion and for all those who have never lost their fascination for steam locomotives here is another of our pastiche posters in the style of another time.

"Grosmont developed mainly as a centre of ironstone mining, which flourished during the nineteenth century. 

From here the rock was taken to the Teesside blast furnaces. Grosmont also produced the 'Grosmont brick' from 1870 until 1957, a particularly dense brick which defies being drilled.

Today, the village is dominated by the heritage steam and diesel services operated by the North Yorkshire Moors Railway which runs from Pickering to Grosmont, with an extra service along the Esk Valley Railway line from Grosmont to Whitby on some days during the summer season."**

Now that is about all there is to say, other than just before Christmas we treated Ron to a birthday trip on the East Lancs Railway.

But that is as they say another story, so I shall just finish by asking Marion to tell us more about those wool adverts.

Location; Yorkshire

Poster; Travel By Train, © 2016 Peter Topping

*Posters from the Past

**Route of the Esk Valley Railway,

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