Saturday, 28 January 2017

Posters from the Past ........... no 6 a capital choice of destination

Now the brief was simple.

Take a modern image of a building we all love and turn it into the style of poster which was popular in the middle decades of the last century.

It was a bit of fun from Peter which has become the series Posters of the Past.*

And having made the poster my contribution was to place it in a time before now.

So given Peter’s slogan I suggest a promotional poster from the late 1940s before the age of cheap jet travel, when if you had a month to spare and fancied something luxurious you might well be tempted by the poster in the offices of a well known shipping company in downtown New York.

Tower Bridge is of course one of those iconic structures which is instantly recognizable as London and of course leaves me to offer him a challenge which is to produce in quick succession one of Eltham where I grew up and Rome and Naples which will always be my two favourite cities.

So that is it, leaving me only to say if you have an image of a place which is dear to you and want it included in Posters from the Past send it over and we will rise to the occasion.

There is no prize and the picture must be yours, otherwise Colin Copyright might be after us.
Location London

Poster; Tower Bridge, © 2016 Peter Topping

*Posters from the Past

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