Sunday, 22 January 2017

The Vanished Ones ............... no 4 back at Hunts Bank with a favourite

Now I am back by Hunts Bank looking up to the Cathedral and there is that missing building again.

It featured a few days ago when Andy Robertson sent me two pictures of a before and after which were taken a year apart.

The after was dates this year and the before from 2016.
Not to be out done John Casey has shared two more which take the story back a full three decades.

Lots of people were fascinated  by the building which had once been a hotel and dated back into the 19th century.

It had been built between 1837-45 by the Manchester and Leeds railway Company and was actually three buildings.

One section consisted of livery stables and offices, the middle building was offices and shops and the northern section was constructed between 1842-43 as a railway hotel serving Victoria Station.

Later the buildings were turned over to retail use and in 1969 were acquired by Chetham’s School which applied for planning permission to convert the building into classrooms.

And now it has gone.

Back in 2014 the case was made for its demolition which makes interesting reading particularly for the details of the proposed use for the site.

So that is about it leaving me only to include a second photograph from John showing a but more of that building along with the cathedral and river.

Location; Manchester

Pictures; Palatine Building and Victoria Street, circa 1980s, from the collection of John Casey

*When Demolition Makes Sense:  MCR’s Palatine Building,

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