Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Manchester Remembering 1914-18 .......... people behind the book no 1 David Harrop

Now David is a modest chap, so much so that my request for a picture of him is slow in coming.

But then as he says “it’s the collection which should shine through.”

War service badge, 1916
Most of the memorabilia in the book from photographs, letters and picture postcards to official documentation and souvenirs from the period came from his collection.

And David will be at the book launch on Saturday with much of what appears in the book, which will allow you to wander over and examine the objects and then buy the book.

Or if you prefer collect a copy of Manchester Remembering 1914-18 and look for an object in the book and then ask David to offer up his personal take on your chosen item.

Nor is that all for David’s interests extend to both World Wars and the history of the Post Office which gives you a clue to his occupation before he retired.

It is a collection which to adapt a famous line from Samuel Johnson “has all that life could afford.”

David has a permanent exhibition in the Remembrance Lodge at Southern Cemetery, regularly exhibits across the North West and will be putting on a special display at Central Ref next year to commemorate the end of the Great War.

All of which just takes me back to  the book which I know is close to David’s heart who regards it as not just a book but in its way a reminder of those who participated in that conflict.

Location; Manchester

Picture; from the collection of David Harrop

Manchester Remembering 1914-18 by Andrew Simpson was published by the History Press in February 2017

Order now from the History Press, or Chorlton Book Shop, 0161 881 6374

*A new book on Manchester and the Great War,

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