Thursday, 2 February 2017

On passing one of the tallest buildings in Salford

Now I am pleased Peter painted Highland House which is on Victoria Bridge Street for a variety of reasons.

It is after all one of the tallest buildings in Salford, has one of those interesting histories which says much about our recent past and is the hotel that my sisters always stay at  when they come north from London to visit.

It was originally built for the Inland Revenue, finished in 1966 and sold on in 1994. According to one source, it used a revolutionary form of construction which  enabled the lower floors to be occupied as the upper ones were still being built.*

But not all went well and during construction after a particularly windy night some of the windows ended up in Salford Bus Station which may seem an urban myth but the source offers up a reference to the event.

But for me it will always be a place to meet our Jill, Theresa and Elizabeth and their partners.  The staff are always friendly and so I am looking forward to being down there in October when my sisters are back in the city.

They like it because it is pretty easy to get to from Piccadilly Railway Station, is equally close to the metro and offers up lots of opportunities to wander off into Salford and Manchester.

Peter tells me “inspired by Blackpool Tower I have started a tall structures in the UK theme and where better to test it out but Salford. This is one I did in 2013."

So that is about it.  But as they say this is only the start.

Location; Salford

Painting; Highland House, Premier Inn Salford. Painting © 2013  Peter Topping

*North Tower(Salford), Wikipedia,

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