Friday, 24 February 2017

Painting Eltham and telling its stories

Now here is a plan. 

Take the key iconic buildings of Eltham, turn them into paintings and tell their stories.

It is something I have been doing for years using the paintings of Peter Topping and exploring the odd, the sad and the funny stories behind each building.

And having read the blog it is time to read the book.

Late last year Peter and I published Manchester Pubs which told the story of 78 iconic public houses and has already sold out of its first two print runs and now because I grew up in Well Hall and Peter likes Eltham we are planning to do the same here.*

Of course there aren’t as many pubs so we decided to broaden it to include those places we all like and which have a history.

I nominated our house on Well Hall Road, along with the parish church and the library where our Stella worked.  One of my sisters threw in the old tram sheds and Peter wanted the Park Tavern.

So that is the plan, what we need are some more suggestions for favourite Eltham buildings, after all the idea is to make the project one that is shared by everyone from Shooters Hill down to the Palace and everywhere in between.

But given that we both now live in Manchester we need some good modern photographs of the outside of each building with some of the inside and if possible a few locals doing the shopping, sampling the beer or helping clean the pews.

So that is it ........... the new project Painting Eltham and telling its stories

You can get in touch by leaving a comment on the blog or leaving a message on our brand new Facebook site Painting Eltham and telling its stories

Location; Eltham

Painting; The Park Tavern & Eltham Library  © 2015 Peter Topping


Facebook: Paintings from Pictures

*A new book on Manchester Pubs,

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