Sunday, 26 February 2017

The River Thames in 11 colour paintings .... no 1 a poster

Now there are very few original ideas and so I was well aware that launching the project Painting Eltham and telling its stories was bound to have been covered before.*

And almost as soon as the idea had been launched, the first story written and the “special” facebook page set up my friend Kath gave me a book of paintings about the River Thames.

Almost all of the paintings come from well known artists of the late 18th and 19th centuries and will be familiar to everyone.

There is an interesting accompanying text and the added bit is that the book dates from 1940.
It was produced by Collins in their Peacock Colour Books series and in the fullness of time it will head back south when I passed it onto to Tricia.

And that is about it.

I have chosen Westminster From the Thames by E. Mc Mcknight Kauffer because it reminds of many similar posters from the 1950s which I grew up with.

It was made in 1934 and I just like it.

Location; London

Picture; Westminster From the Thames 1934, by E. Mc Mcknight Kauffer from The River Thames

*Painting Eltham and telling its stories,

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