Thursday, 30 March 2017

Lost and forgotten streets of Salford nu 10 .......... under the arches of Bury Street and beyond

The short trip through the gloom of the railway arches brings you out on a stretch of Bury Road flanked by modern retail and residential properties and ends in a narrow alley.

Along the way you can wander off up one dead end or take the two streets off to the right which will bring you to Blackfriars Road.

Now I thought about digging deep into its history, but instead wonder what other people remember of the buildings, and the people which occupied Bury Street in the time before now.

Location; Salford

Picture; Bury Street from Chapel Street, 2016 from the collection of Andrew Simpson


  1. my grandparents lived on Bury St in 1911 along with their 8 children .

  2. So much to remember Andrew, from our house on garden lane we could see the old Original Fox tavern,men used to hang about outside the doors, i don't remember it being a pub though, it was a lodging house when i knew it. Near it was another old pub called the Crown and Anchor which was a pub when i was a child. There were lots of pubs on Bury street when i was young, including the Globe, the Duke of York and the Bird in Hand, whate tales these old places could have told. Alan Jennings

    1. Hi, Alan,

      Could you possibly shed some light on the exact whereabouts of the old Arcadia Cinema? In a recent discussion, we concluded that the most likely location was the corner of Garden Lane and Blackfriars Road, next to the Tennis Club, but it would be great to have this confirmed…?


  3. Cheers, Andrew. Sorry for addressing my comment to Alan, I just thought he would be best placed to know. I think the Arcadia would've been directly behind The Globe pub which he mentioned.

  4. Got a date? Will go searching the directories but for the next hour it is the housework ..... or I shall be in trouble when the boss comes home!

  5. Well the best I can come up with is a cinema called New Central Hall which is listed in the 1911 directory on the south west side of Blackfriars where it meets Green Lane. If I have got this right it is now the car park. In 1914 it appears in a handboook og UK cinemas, witha capaity of 580 and the proprieter was Matt Raymond. Not sure if this will be it. The Kinematograph Year Book Program Diary and Directory 1914,