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Salford pubs ................. nu 1 ........ The King's Arms and a bit of a mystery

Now here is a lesson in being overconfident and not looking for the simple answer.

This is the King’s Arms in Bloom Street, the sign on the side of the pub says 1883 and from another source I got the date 1879 for when it was built.

And I just wondered why in the middle of the reign of the old Queen our pub would be called the King’s Arms when you would expect it to be the Queen Victoria, especially given that the coat of arms at the top of the building is that of Queen Victoria.

Of course the solution was supplied by the pub’s own web site, “the original Kings Arms stood on a plot across Bloom Street from the present pub and was first licensed in 1807.

At this time Bloom Street was lined on both sides with houses, shops and beer houses.
In October 1850 The Kings Arms was advertised to let by the Adelphi Brewery.

The new tenant was Thomas Holden and when he was leaving in September 1858, the advertisement stated that the pub had been selling seven barrels of beer a week for seven and a half years.

The original premises pulled down to make way for the building of Salford Corporation's gas offices and the current building was constructed in the 1870s on the opposite side of the street.

For over a century the three main buildings on Bloom Street were the Corporation gas offices, Salford House and The Kings Arms. The gas offices closed long ago and the last residents of the hostel left in the 1990's but happily The Kings Arms is still in business.”

And there you have it and what’s more I suggest you check out that site because the King’s Arms has more to offer.

All of which just leaves me to confess that I had written about the pub back in 2014, but Peter’s fine painting made me decide it was time to revisit and remind him he owes me a pint which we could very well take in the King’s Arms.

Location; Salford

Painting; the Kings’s Arms, Salford, © 2016 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures,


Facebook:  Paintings from Pictures

*The King’s Arms,

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