Monday, 27 March 2017

Tall, elegant with a hint of decay .................. abandoned in the park ......... Viareggio 2010

It was one of those indifferent mornings which made going down to the beach a less than attractive idea so with the promise of cheap bikes for hire we went along to the park.

It stretches for miles is full of tree lined avenues and is perfect for a bike ride which seemed to be what shed loads of people were doing.

But I have never learned to ride and I was not about to so while the rest of the family disappeared off into the distance I went looking for pictures.

And as so often happens this one came from nowhere.

She was one of about half a dozen which were part of an event now long forgotten.

They stood in various stages of decay their wheels half hidden by the long skirts.

I only took the one but now wish I had taken the time to record the others.

All of which just leaves me to say that Viareggio is in Tuscany, with decent beeches and just about an hour from Florence but that is another story.

Location; the park, Viareggio, Tuscany

Picture; in the park in Viareggio, 2010 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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