Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Lost and forgotten streets of Salford ....... nu 31 the old Ship Inn

This was the very first picture John Casey shared with me.

John took the photograph in the early 1980s and posted it beside a story I ran on the old Ship Inn.

And any one who has recently wandered down this bit of Salford may find the contrast striking.

Location; Salford

Picture; the old Ship Inn, circa 1980, from the collection of John Casey


  1. Boddingtons pub rebuilt after the original Ship was destroyed in the 1940 blitz. I only ever went in it once, it was a proper Salford boozer.

  2. Had my wedding reception there on valentines day, 1978. Well, reception! Me, my new missus plus bump, her witness, and my dad (best man) straight from the registrar, till half three, when they shut for a couple of hours, then on to a dive in town.