Sunday, 30 April 2017

Lost and forgotten streets of Salford ...... nu 44 Spaw Street

Now Spaw Street doesn’t have a lot going for it. 

Spaw Street, 2016
On the day I passed even the sun contrived to shine directly into the camera and pretty much messed up the appearance of this short street which runs from Chapel Street to Brown Cross Street.

Once there were 25 properties along its length, a mix of small houses and bigger industrial units, and added to this seven entries which led into a series of closed courts.

Adding to this maze was Wilkinson Street which joined Spaw Street and from which branched off even more entrees.

Spaw Steet, 1849
And for those with a keen interest in pubs just a few yards up Chapel Street away from Spaw Street were Albert's Vaults and The Dyers Arms.  The first of which stretched back to Wilkinson Street, and the second  backed on to a court with an entry to Wilkinson Streett

But the expansion of the railway viaduct did for Spaw Street and now a trip down from Chapel Street presents the curious traveller with a series of railway arches and nothing much else except of course for another car park

Location; Salford

Picture; Spaw Street, 2016 from the collection of Andrew Simpson, and Spaw Street in 1849 from the OS for Manchester & Salford, 1844-49 courtesy of Digital Archives Association,

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