Monday, 28 August 2017

Naples ........ the woman and a fading poster

Now sometimes a picture has a fascination way beyond your first impression.

This for me is just such a picture.

The woman sits on a battered old chair and off to her right is one of those narrow Neapolitan side streets with buildings that climb cliff like in to the sky and seem to be constantly in gloom.

Someone on the Italian side of the family will be able to identify the footballer on the poster and for all I know he may have played for Napoli which for over 70 years has been Simone’s team.

And even now having lived in the north for decades he still watches every match and can remember all the great games.

This summer we were back in Naples following in the footsteps of our Saul and Emilka.  I had hoped we might have encountered that old woman but we never did.

As for the footballer I am still none the wiser

We shall see.

Location; Naples

Picture; Naples in 2017 from the collection of Saul Simpson and Emilka Cholewicka

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