Wednesday, 5 April 2017

On coming home ............. arriving at Well Hall station

Now I have no idea when this picture was taken but it brings back powerful memories of the old Well Hall Station.

From 1964 through to 1966 I stood on that platform along with shed load of commuters bound for central London although in my case it was only as far as New Cross and my last two years at Samuel Pepys.

After that I transferred to Crown Woods and Well Hall Station became less used.

But I continue to have a fondness for the old station which I have never quite shared with the new one.

And of all the memories that crowd in it is of the return journey on a summers afternoon with the train taking the curve and the first sight of the woods on the hill.

All of which meant that I was home.

Now I was not born in Eltham and we only arrived from Peckham when I was just 14 but I embraced the place and like many a newcomer became fiercely attatched to it.

Fifty one years later and four decades in the North I still think of Eltham as home.

And that is about it.  If I carry on I shall no doubt slide into nostalgic tosh and that would never do.

After all I have written about the railway line and its history, so I will just thank Ryan who sent me the picture and reflect that where we grow up is often an accident but in my case Well Hall was one of the more welcome accidents in my life.

Picture;  Well Hall Station, date unknown, courtesy of Ryan Ginn

*One hundred years of the railway that served Eltham,

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