Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Painting Eltham and telling its stories ............ no 2

Now Peter Topping’s paintings of where I grew up remain popular.*

And so with that in mind I reposted the Facebook Page Painting Eltham and telling its stories and quick as a flash Lesley responded with, “why not make some suggestions of places you think would make great paintings. 

Then maybe some of our members who are very handy with their phones and cameras could go on a snapping spree. 

As it is we have some lovely photos they put on here for us, so we know how talented they are.”

So there you have it.  I would nominate Severndroog Castle the old Fire Station and perhaps even MacDonald’s because of it’s association with Burton along with the old tram sheds on Well Hall Road

All I ask is that it’s your own picture and is in colour

Earlier in the year people did make suggestions but now we need the images.

Just post them on the Well Hall site and the rest is down to Peter and his paint brush.

Location; Well and Eltham

Painting; Eltham Library and The Park Tavern   © 2015 Peter Topping

Web: www.paintingsfrompictures.co.uk

Facebook: Paintings from Pictures https://www.facebook.com/paintingsfrompictures

* Painting Eltham and telling its stories

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