Sunday, 16 April 2017

Painting Peckham ............ nu 1 The New Cross Telephone Exchange

Now I recently used that well known phrase “you can take the boy out of Peckham but you can’t take Peckham out of the boy.”

It was during a conversation with my old friend Peter who reposted “you can take the boy out of Preston but you can’t take Preston out of the boy” which pretty much tells you where we were born.

All of which led to an exchange of banter about the merits of both places and at the end of it all I promised to write about Preston and Peter decided to paint Peckham.

I say paint Peckham but it would be more accurate to say he has set about painting some of those iconic buildings we all know and remember.

The series will run alongside “My Peckham” which reflects on some of the buildings and places which mean a lot to me.*

And in some cases Peter’s painting and my stories will replicate each other but then there will be plenty who say you can never get enough of Peckham.

He has already painted the Montague Arms, and the old New Cross Library which will appear later in the month.

And here because I like it and it struck such a resonance with everyone when I wrote about it the other day is the New Cross Telephone Exchange, which Peter painted from an original photograph by Stephen Craven.**

Painting; The New Cross Telephone Exchange © 2015 Peter Topping

Facebook: Paintings from Pictures

* My Peckham .............. nu 1 the New Cross Telephone Exchange St Mary’s Road, 

** New Cross Telephone Exchange, © Copyright Stephen Craven and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence,

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