Saturday, 15 April 2017

Posters from the Past ........... no 10 The London and Brighton

Now the project is simple, take a modern image of a building we all love and turn it into the style of poster which was popular in the middle decades of the last century.*

This was the London and Brighton Hotel and just possibly someone at the brewery might have beaten a slick New Yorker to the idea of a name so good it was used twice.

The pub, according to one source opened in 1867 at the same time as the Queens Road Railway Station which serviced what had been the London and Brighton Railway.**

And yes we cheated the London & Brighton Railway disappeared in a series of mergers and the original photograph was taken long after this style of poster was popular.

So not historically accurate ..... just a bit of fun.

Location; Queens Road, London

Painting; The London and Brighton Railway Hotel, © 2017 Peter Topping, Paintings from Pictures 

*Posters from the Past, 

**London Pubology,

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