Thursday, 6 April 2017

Snaps of Chorlton No 4 Bringing down the chimney of the Queen and Pasley circa 1990s or perhaps even earlier

An occasional series featuring  private and personal photographs of Chorlton.

I can’t remember exactly when this was but I reckon it was in the 1990s and points to that simple observation that much of our recent past slides away without us bothering to record it.

Now I have written about the Queen and Pasley Laundry along with the other ones that served us including the one on Beech Road and others on Manchester Road and Wilbraham Road.*

But the Queen and Pasley was the biggest and was still in business in the late 1980s on Crossland Road.

My old friend Tony Walker took the picture which may have been linked to an article which was published in Chorlton Green in 1985 or was taken later.

I can’t now remember if this was during a repair of the big chimney or just prior to its demolition.  And I pretend to be a historian.

Picture; from the collection of Tony Walker


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