Monday, 17 April 2017

Some of the men who went to fight from Oldham .......... pictures of the Great War

Now I am at the limits of what I know about this picture.

It is a group of soldiers outside the Oldham Colloseum and comes from the collection of David Harrop.

I don’t have a date and am not sure what they were doing there.

If you look closely some of the men are wearing spurs, one is holding what looks like a harness and most are wearing those leather belts which I always associate with the cavalry.

The posters behind them advertise the Oldham Colloseum but the name of the big star of the week is obscured so it is difficult to get a date from the billing and likewise the announcement of BOXING gives up no other clues.

So there you have it, but I am confident there will be someone who has far more military knowledge than me and will be able to tell us more.

And I would like that if only to provide us with a little more on these men.

Some smile back at the camera, one strikes a defiant pose and a few and they are the older men in the picture look back with sombre expressions which I guess pretty much sums up the range of feelings of men swept up by that conflict.

Picture; from the collection of David Harrop

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