Thursday, 20 April 2017

Ten minutes in a railway station .............. Piccadilly July 14 2015 ..... waiting and looking

Now I like railway stations which are only bettered by airports.

It is that mix of bustle and purposeful determination on the part of the passengers passing through and of course the promise of adventures yet to come.

Added to which you just know that there are a whole lot of stories unravelling in front of you.

They start with those sitting patiently on the seats, waiting for their connection, working out the train time or just catching up on the last chapter of the book bought at Euston the day before.

And then there are the earnest and very pleasant charity workers whose forcefulness is mixed with a steely determination to engage their listeners in the campaign to “beat cancer.”

On any one day there will be so much going on from the long distance traveller to the suburban commuter heading home.

And just occasionally  some one  like me who was just there because it seemed a a good place to be on a wet Tuesday morning.

I could have wandered off into the Northern Quarter and down towards Castlefield but the weather was against me and so trains, passengers and charity workers won out.

Location; Manchester

Picture; Ten minutes in a railway station, Piccadilly July 14 2015 from the collection of Andrew Simpson

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