Saturday, 1 April 2017

Well Hall House that fine 18th century pile which went in 1930

Well Hall House date unknown
Now I am fascinated by Well Hall House.

It was built in 1733, replacing the Tudor manor house and was demolished in 1930 and it is a place I have written about and will do so again later next month.

But in the meantime I could not resist posting this picture, which comes from the Edith Nesbit Society.

I don’t have a date but it is clearly late 19th century and may date from when Edith Nesbit lived there.

She is of course known for her children’s books some of which feature Eltham in their stories, but there is one in particular which describes in detail the house and its gardens.

This is the Red House which was written in 1902 just three years after she moved in to Well Hall House,

Which just leaves me to  finish with the picture again.

We are looking at the front of house from the large garden which separated the building from Well Hall Lane.

To our left was the ornamental garden and at the rear more gardens, the moat and three ponds.

The orginal estate had consisted of 33 acres but Edith and her husband took a lease on just 7.

Picture; courtesy of the Edith Nesbit Society,

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