Monday, 22 May 2017

A deli called Buonissimo, Cafe on the Green and the story of what Beech Road became

Now I wish I had a picture of Cafe on the Green.

Out on Beech Road, circa 2007
It was the first of the wave of restaurants that set Beech Road off on what it is today.

But I never bothered at the time to take a picture of the place which replaced the old piano shop and which had once been a hair dressers and before that the  iron mongers.

And I was reminded of the Cafe on the Green on Saturday when we were out with Bob Amarto who along with his partner Del was also part of the transformation of the road I have lived on since 1976.

Buonissimo, circa 2006
We were in Bar San Juan which had been Buonissimo which  Bob and Del had opened in 1994.

The conversation turned to how Beech Road had changed and in particular that sticky patch it went through in the 1980s when some of the shops began to close in the face of the growing use of supermarkets.

It is a story I often come back to, and is about the loss of those small traditional food shops which were still there on Beech Road and the surrounding roads at the beginning of the 1970s.

There will be plenty who remember the range of butcher’s shops, and grocery shops which nestled between Muriel’s fruit and veg shop and wool shop.

Go back just another decade and you can add to that the electrical shop which sold and repaired TVs.

Beech Road, circa 1975
I miss them but fully accept that they are a way of life that has all but gone as most of us shop on line or rely on supermarkets.

So Cafe on the Green marked a change and Bob was quick to tell us how Adrian who ran the Cafe and later Patrick at Primavera was quick to use the deli for many of their raw ingredients.

And as anyone who shopped at the deli will remember it brightened up the day on Beech Road.

Marmalade 2007, the site of Cafe on the Green
For me between Buonissimo and Muriel’s next door I could buy pretty much all I needed to feed me and my three sons.

I didn’t at the time see how things would develop and with hindsight wish I had taken more pictures of the transformation.

So if there is anyone out there with a picture on Cafe on the Green I would like to know.

Location; Chorlton

Pictures; Cafe society on Beech Road, possibly when Primavera had become Beggars Bush circa 2007, Buonissimo, circa 2002 and Marmalade, 2007 from the collection of Andrew Simpson and Beech Road circa 1975 from the collection of Tony Walker

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