Saturday, 27 May 2017

Looking down on Chorlton in the 1930s

I like this picture and it is not the first time it has featured on the blog.

And the reason is obvious.

We are looking down on Chorlton in 1933 and while much of what we know is there to see there is enough to make it a fascinating source for how things have changed.

The scene is dominated by Chorlton Park which was opened in 1928 and by the school buildings.

To their right is the broad bank running along the middle of Mauldeth Road West which today is the route of the metro and for those with a keen eye for detail making its way along Barlow Moor Road in a Corporation tram

Beyond the park and sitting in splendid isolation is Hough End Hall which was still occupied by the Lomas family who had taken up residence in the late 1840s.

But there are clues to the changes which were underway.  Already Nell Lane running between the Hall and park had been widened and the old bridge across the brook replaced.

The aerodrome had long closed and to the north and east of the hall the land would son be developed with new housing housing estates.

Location, Chorlton, Manchester

Picture; aerial view Chorlton Park, 1933 N S Roberts, m72054, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council,

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