Friday, 12 May 2017

The magic of crossing the river at Woolwich by ferry

Now the ferry is just something that sticks with you no matter how many years it is since you were on it.

And it still has the power to win friends.

So when we were heading back to Manchester I persuaded Tina that we should cross the river at Woolwich and sure enough my Italian partner was won over.

This is the Will Crooks with the Ernest Bevin in the background.

They came into service in the 1930s and carried on doing the business till 1963.

Now I know that on a busy wek day morning waiting to get on board can be tedious and the journey is a short one, but even now fifty or so years after I first did the trip its magic.

Picture; from Woolwich Through Time, Kristina Bedford, Amberley 2014

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