Monday, 19 June 2017

An arched gateway on Barlow Moor Road circa 1925

I am looking at a photograph of Barlow Moor Road and the arched gateway to Christ Church Avenue about 1925.

The lodge is to the right and a for sale sign to our left.

Now I have to confess I have been lazy on this one and realize that I will have to do some serious research.

Christ Church Avenue was a wide tree lined avenue which led from Barlow Moor Road down to the Rectory and church which had been built in 1881.  Back then it stood in open farm land and was known as Christ Church in the fields.

In 1932 Princess Parkway was cut south of Barlow Moor Road as the main link to the newly developing estate of Wythenshawe, and it was built over Christ Church Avenue and eleven fine looking houses with gardens were built from the corner of Barlow Moor Road down to the church.

So Christ Church Avenue had a short life, just a matter of 51 years, which means that I will have to do some more digging.

Picture; from the Lloyd Collection, map detail from the OS for south Lancashire, 1888-93, courtesy of
Digital Archives,

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