Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Badge of the week no.1 .......... the Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Brotherhood ..... Edinburgh

A new series featuring badges from the collection with a bit of a story.*

This is the badge of the Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Brotherhood.

It is an organisation I written about before.**

I had come across the Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Brotherhood back in the 1970s in Ashton Under Lyne.

They were what they said they were an organization designed to provide a pleasant afternoon with a Christian slant on a Sunday.

The first seem to have sprung up in the mid 1870s and their first national conference was in London in 1906.

Now this is another of those areas I want to dig deep into.  There was a political dimension  There was a long standing relationship between political Liberalism and Nonconformity which brought active Liberals into the movement.

And in the early twentieth century key Labour and Trade Union leaders became actively involved in the PSA/Brotherhood Movement. Labour MPs Arthur Henderson and Will Crooks, and the Liberal MP Theodore C. Taylor were all present at the founding of the National Association of Brotherhoods, PSAs etc in London in 1906.

Keir Hardie, was also actively involved, he was a main speaker for a Brotherhood Crusade in Lille in 1910. Arthur Henderson MP was elected National President in 1914. The National Adult School Union’s ‘One and All’ journal reported 7 out 9 ‘adult school men’ who stood for parliament were successful in 1910.”***

Location; Edinburgh

Picture; PSA badge, Edinburgh, courtesy of David Harrop

*Badges of the week,

**Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Brotherhood,

** The Early Adult School and Brotherhood Movements in the West Midlands: Adult Education, Evangelism or Social Activism?, European Social Science History Conference, Glasgow, April 14 2012

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