Saturday, 24 June 2017

It’s not every day you get a telegram from Buckingham Palace

Well not me any way but perhaps in the course of their civic responsibilities the Mayor of Salford might expect the odd visit from the telegram boy.

And so it was in 1963.  I trawled the Guardian on line but couldn’t find a reference to a royal visit so I guess it will be either Central Ref or Salford’s Local Studies Centre and a day of routing through their collections of newspapers.

Of course someone out there will know and in the interest filling in the historical details will get in touch, and perhaps even up a story and a picture.

Not that this is just a quick response to a the telegram sent over by David Harrop who has an extensive collection of postal material as well as memorabilia from both world wars.

Added to which he knows his stuff.

But the bigger point is that we don’t send telegrams anymore, and in fact don’t do letters of picture postcard much either.

And however quick the text, or the message with its picture sent via social media is, it robs us of a bit of our future history.

In a decade I doubt that a future historian will have as much paper sources to start off a trail of investigation.

Unless like me you print off all your messages and file them away.

Location; Salford

Picture; the telegram to the Mayor of Salford, 1963 from the collection of David Harrop.

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