Monday, 26 June 2017

Lost on Thomas Street in the summer of 1977

I am on Thomas Street in 1977.

This I know because of the street sign high up on the building above the Jarvey Snack Bar and because my friend Jean remembers taking the picture in that year.

But I am lost.

I should remember the scene, and try as I might I cannot fasten it on Google street map.

So perhaps there is someone out there who can help me with the exact location and the date when the buildings vanished.

Such is the price of finally leaving Eltham for good in 1973 and making just the odd trip home which did sometimes take me back to Woolwich.

And just after I had posted Chris added this,  "Thomas street is still alive and well and should easily be found on Google maps ...

The row of shops pictured were all demolished around 1983-84 and a big open space called General Gordon SquareOccupies the area ( Revamped a few times ) .  The opposite side of the road ,  which cant be seen is still original 18th century buildings.

Jean’s picture would have been taken from outside the Earl of Chatham pub which is still in business."

Chris went on to add a link to his excellent site which has a shed load of pictures of Woolwich.*

Which just leaves me to say I went back and found Thomas Street on google maps helped by Andy Murphy's comment that "your friend was on the corner of Wellington Street facing south east. Peakes Place went off to the left next to Alan's and at the end of the terrace is the Fortune of War pub. Love the Escort Mk 1 with the oversized wheels!"

Picture; Thomas Street in 1977, courtesy of Jean Gammons

*Chris Mansfield,

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