Saturday, 3 June 2017

On Church Parade outside the Royal Artillery at Woolwich in 1939

Now this would be a fascinating enough picture for any of us who know Woolwich but the date it was sent gives it an added interest.

We are at a church parade outside the Royal Artillery Barracks and the date is 1939.

The actual picture may have been taken a little earlier, but it was sent on March 3rd 1939 by a young Douglas to his aunt in Dorset.

Just seven months later the Second World War had begun and some at least of the young men we see in the photograph may well have been preparing to go to France with B.E.F.

Location; Woolwich, London

Picture; Church Parade Royal Artillery 1939 Set Title Woolwich, Tuck and Sons, 1939, courtesy of  Tuck DB

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