Sunday, 4 June 2017

The day Salford came to Southport

Here is another of those examples of the long reach of Salford.

On the evening of August 21 1909 Mabel posted a message from Southport to her friend Miss Wingman of Churchtown in Southport.

It was a cheery little message which just said “Hearty congratulations from Mabel C Howie.” 

Short simple and to the point and Mabel choose a picture postcard of Peel Park and the Technical Institute to carry the comment.

Now there is nothing over surprising in that, except perhaps why she selected this picture above all the others.

Was she from Salford, had been in Salford, or did Miss Winman have a connection with the park or the institute?

Of course we will never know and I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

But the upshot of all of this is that I have become interested in D&D Postcards who marketed Mabel’s choice.  There are a fair few of their cards on eBay for sale but so far I haven’t tracked them down.

But no matter I will and perhaps before I do someone will know something about them and tell me.

In the meantime it is just another example of a little bit of Salford in a faraway place.

Location; Salford and Southport

Picture; Peel Park and the Technical Institute, circa 1909 from the collection of David Harrop


  1. Salford City Council had a residential home in Southport for many years-"Salfordian". It was used mainly for short stay and to give the elderly a holiday break.