Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Manchester Tennis and Racquets Club ........... the day Andy Robertson wandered into Salford nu 4

Now there might be some who are confused as to why in Blackfriars Street in Salford you could find the Manchester Tennis and Racquets Club.

Well according to Andy Robertson who took the pictures it started life on Miller Street in 1876 but had to move with expansion of the railways.

It relocated o Salford and that as they say is that.

In 1925 a squash court was added and in 1996 English Heritage warded the building Grade II status.

I have never been inside and until Andy sent over the pictures I had no idea that a Manchester tennis and racquet club existed in Salford, which clearly shows my ignorance.

Location; Salford

Pictures; The Manchester Tennis and Racquets Club from the collection of Andy Robertson

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