Sunday, 4 June 2017

The story behind the poster ......... Manchester General Cemetery.

Now I am pretty convinced that there is always a story behind whatever you come across.

An important notice in 1958
That said I know I am skirting on the edge of my knowledge with the Manchester General Cemetery.

But that never stopped me and I am more than a happy to accept corrections and additions to the story that sits beside L Kaye’s photograph of this poster which was on display at Harpurhey Baths in 1958.

The City Council had decided to ask permission to prohibit further burials in a cemetery which had taken its first way in 1837.

Back then the cemetery was privately owned and continued so until 1926 when it became the Manchester General Cemetery Ltd.

Eleven years later Manchester Corporation took over control of running the cemetery acquiring the ownership in 1958.

It is one of those places I keep coming across in the course of researching the city and is a place I must visit.

And in 1911
Location; Harpurhey, Manchester

Picture; poster announcing changes to the Manchester General Cemetery, KL Kaye, 1958, m41650, courtesy of Manchester Libraries, Information and Archives, Manchester City Council, entry from Slater's Street Directory, 1911

* Manchester General Cemetery Transcription Project,

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