Thursday, 29 June 2017

Turning up history .......... the cigarette case and a map of Germany in 1938

Now I say Germany in 1938, but the cigarette case could stretch from 1938 all the way through to 1945.

But I can be pretty sure that it was made after 1938 because the map engraved on the case shows Austria as part of Greater Germany and the Anschluss happened in March 1938.

Of course there is just the outside possibility that the case is older, and the map was engraved in 1938.

Or we could even be looking at a bit of wish fulfilment because there were those after Germany’s unification in 1871 who argued that Austria should be included and after the Great War the newly created Republic of Austria indicated a desire to join Germany but this was forbidden by the peace treaties.

So there you have it, either way a little bit of history.
Ann who sent me the image wrote that “I have had this in a drawer for years. My Uncle Richard brought it back from Germany. It too is rather rusty, but you can just about make out place names.

Think this was when Austria was part of Germany. I went on a family exchange to Austria in 1956, with the Anglo Austrian Society, who were trying to build friendship links between the two countries. 

I stayed with a family who took me to Vienna, and we were close to the Hungarian border. Didn't realise for years how close we had been to the Hungarian revolution. Didn't know much about politics when I was 13.”

Location; Germany, Austria, circa 1938-45

Picture; cigarette case, 1938-45 from the collection of Ann Love

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