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523 Barlow Moor Road, captured in a moment in time in 1960 ….. part 2

Now I back at 523 Barlow Moor Road where my friend Ann Love lived during the 1950s and 60s.

"The area at the back of the house was divided in to a lawn, with some flowerbeds, fruit trees, and strawberry beds. 

We kept ducks and hens, so were fortunate to have our own eggs.Granddad used to make a 'Mash' for the chickens from maize, which smelled disgusting.

One year  the ducks seemed to have stopped laying, and it wasn't until Autumn, when the Rhubarb leaves  collapsed, that we found heaps of rotten duck eggs. Granddad was very proud of his rhubarb, and used to cover the plants with old chimney pots to blanch the stems.

There were several sheds, some used for the hens, some for keeping rabbits, and one which I used to play in. 

Mum (or Dad)  whitewashed it for me, and I had a little table and chair, and used to have 'tea' with little Hovis loaves, which you could buy. 

They were about 3 or 4 inches long, and perfect to play with.

The stables at the end of the garden were divided into a garage, a small Chapel of Rest (complete with an Alter and tall candles, which my Dad got from th Catholic Priest down High Lane.) 

The workshop was the last part of the stables, and where Dad used to assemble the coffins. The floor was always covered in curly wood shavings, and there were all manner of interesting tools scattered about.

My Dad was a smoker, and would light up one cigarette from the end of the previous one.

In the winter time, when it was cold and wet, his favourite 'pick me up' was a large cup of milk eg and sugar, all whisked together.

When I as a child, I decided to excavate part of the garden, and dug down and found an old brick path, and a small papier machine box, with a picture of  people dressed in 18th century costumes. It has deteriorated over the years, but I still have it.

At the side of the house was a conservatory, which used to have a door leading into the lounge, but by my time it had been boarded up, and the glass had all gone, but the tiled path was still there.

My Dad retired in 1967, and my parents moved to a smaller house on Mauldeth Rd West. 

Dad sold off many of Granddad's antiquities, and the house was sold to another Undertaker.  

A caretaker and his wife lived in the house, but it wasn't cared for  and in a few years it was sold to a developer, who built over the garden, and altered the front of the house.  

So all these are just memories".

© Ann Love

Models; Howard Love 2014

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