Thursday, 20 July 2017

A faded sign, a racecourse and a thank you to Trev

Now I like the way I pretty much learn something new about Salford everyday.

And today I had Trev Ryan to thank, who picked up on the story of the Pendleton Co-op which I posted and sent this picture with the comment, “Love this old place... and facing it covered up by a road sign is an old Castle Irwell racetrack sign.”

There will be plenty who know the story of the Manchester Racecourse and in particular its time at Castle Irwell which dated back to the middle of the 19th century and again from 1896 down to 1963 and for those who don’t someone has done a good job of covering it which just leaves me to make an appeal for people to come forward with memories and their own pictures.**

Location; Salford

Picture; faded sign for Manchester Racecourse, 2017, courtesy of Trev Ryan

*Celebrating some more of Salford’s finest buildings ........ the Pendleton Co-operative and Industrial Society,

**Manchester Racecourse,

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