Sunday, 23 July 2017

A pint in the Racecourse Hotel at Kersal before blowing it on the 3.20

Now this is one of the stories I am going to pretty much leave at the pictures.

We are on Littleton Road, Lower Kersal and Andy Robertson had taken himself off down there yesterday.

And this is the Racecourse Hotel which “was built in 1930 to attract the race goers” and I bet there will be a fair few stories of afternoons in the place which effortlessly slid into a night time session.

It is not a pub I ever went in but I recognise the size and style which came to dominate that new wave of pub building in the 1920s and 30s.

They were big, often very impressive looking buildings and built with the motor car in mind.

So what a half century ago might have been a stables and yard now became a car park.

And often they were created in the new estates and out on the bigger roads on the edge of the countryside.

So all memories of the Racecourse Hotel would be most welcome.

Location Salford

Pictures; the Racecourse Hotel, 2016 from Andy Robertson’s Salford collection

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  1. I only ever went there once, Christmas 1979. It was big and very busy. Then my memory fades...