Sunday, 30 July 2017

At Central Ref on a sunny day in 1969

Now I remember I was going to publish a picture a month of Central Ref from when it reopened early last year all the way up to July 2014 which marked its eightieth year.

Sadly I didn’t but to mark an equally momentous occasion in its history, here is a picture from my friend Sally of the library in 1969.

Judging by the trees in the picture and the overcoats I am guessing that this will have been one of those crisp sunny days at the beginning of spring, just after the daffodils had started to flower.

Of course I might be hopelessly wrong but it will have been only a few months before I arrived as a student and began my own love affair with the building.

I walked through those impressive metal doors sometime in early September 1969 and for great chunks of the next three years it was where I would spend my Saturday’s.

And like others I had my own special seat in the huge Social Sciences library and there I would sit from when the doors opened till tea time.

On occasions I explored the rest of the building and discovered the basement cafe which was all to the good because for the first few weeks I had camped out on the steps at dinner time with a sandwich and what passed for coffee back in 1969.

All of which reminds me just how different the city has become, which is reflected in the transformation of the Ref itself.

And that’s all you are getting, except to thank Sally for finding and posting the picture.

Location; Manchester

Picture; Central Ref in 1969, courtesy of Sally Dervan

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