Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Diamond Dogs

Now there are those who accuse me of being a little set in my ways.  

And I rather think there is something in this.  Back in the 2000's I would have an early afternoon coffee in the Lead and it was one of my favourite places for an evening drink.

But as an alternative I would seek out Martha and Atlanta who opened and ran Diamond Dogs.

It was a pretty brave venture for two people who were not in the catering trade.

I had quite forgotten exactly when they opened but Martha tells me it was in the January of 2002.

And I remember wondering as they painted the outside that powerful colour red how the cafe would fare.  But it did well and I enjoyed the veggie breakfasts and long easy conversations with the two of them.

In the history of the new Beech Road it stands out as one of the early staging points in the transformation of the place.  True there was the Lead Station and what had been Primavera but that was about it.  The place on the corner of Acres Road may have opened as the Nose by then but I can’t be sure. 

Of course since then it has operated under different names with slightly different themed food.  Sadly I lost touch with Martha and Atlanta but you never know I do have a way of coming across people again.

Location; Chorlton-cum-Hardy

Picture; from the collection of Andrew Simpson


  1. Diamond Dogs was later than that - in the 00s not the 90s. Tonic/Mink was in full service then and the Nose had been there years

  2. Thanks for the correction all sorted spoke to Martha it was 2002.