Monday, 31 July 2017

Down in Shudehill in the 1960s when it was all "crumbly and interesting"

Now I always look forward to a new picture from my friend Ann.

She lives in France but grew up in Chorlton during the 1960s.

“My uncle used to have a business in the market, selling fruit and vegetables. 

When I was at college in the early 60's I went into his 'cabin' and drew all the boxes. It was a wholesale market so mostly in boxes.

This was one of our College 'sketching' days, and we often used to go to Shudehill, as it was all crumbly and interesting, from an artistic point of view.

My uncle, ,Ernest Jones had been a friend of my parents since they were young, and they were at each others' weddings. ”

And that is all I want to say.

Picture; market scene, circa 1960s, from Ann Love


  1. Ann, did Ernest Jones live on or just off The Avenue, Sale, as I had an 'uncle', Ernest Jones who was a wholesaler at Smithfield Market, as was my father. He used to come away with us on The Norfolk Broads. He had a daughter and I cannot remember her name but think it might have been Margaret.

  2. I used to work on the markets and the drawing is very accurate.My friend and I Garry Gregory used to work on Edgar Rea stall.
    The market was hard labour but a great atmosphere to work in.some men used to go in the rear entrance to the Bass house which frontage ran on Swan St and rear backed on to the market. The men used to go in the rear entrance after work around 12:00 hrs and stay in there until next shift. Wives used to call at the Bass house and chastise their menfolk once they had picked up the weekly waged that was out behind the bar.happy days