Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Down on Regent Road in 1876

Now one day I will go and research W.H. Bailey & Co the Albion Works Regent Road but not today.

The sun is out and the grass needs cutting, so you’ve had it.

Other than to say it is another of those fine adverts from Slater’s Directory of Manchester and Salford.

Brought to you by the Society for the Preservation of old Victorian Adverts [Salford Branch] Membership 1, but open to applications from Neil Simpson, Alan Jennings, Bill Sumner and anyone else with an interest in silly things.

And for those who have looked out of the window and seen the rain coming down like stair rods yesterday the sun shone as I wrote the story!

Picture; advert, from Slater’s Directory of Manchester and Salford, 1876

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