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October 31 1918 ...... the day Admiral Jellicoe visited Manchester and a heap of stories

Now I had no idea that Admiral Jellico visited Manchester in 1918.

Inspecting Naval cadets in Albert Square, October 31 1918
Of course I shouldn’t have been surprised that a leading member of the armed forces should have called in.

That said the Manchester Guardian did rather sniffily report that “Manchester has had too little chance to welcome the heads of the navy during the war.”*

And went on to take a side swipe at his and the rest of the naval chief’s failure “to foresee the use to which the submarine might be put.”

But elsewhere the paper also reported on the details of the visit, where he “fulfilled several public engagements .

In the morning he formally opened Brought House, Broughton Park, and a home for disabled sailors and soldiers.  

In Albert Square, after being entertained to luncheon at the Town Hall, he inspected a guard of honour consisting of 67 ratings of the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. 

Lord Jellicoe then attended and spoke at a performance at the Manchester Hippodrome in aid of the Million Shillings Fund at the British and Foreign Sailors’ Society.”**

And it is that visit to Albert Square and the British and Foreign Sailors’ Society which caught my eye last week in Central Ref.  I was digging ever deeper into the archives of the Together Trust when I came across a box full of material on this Society***

On the steps of the Town Hall
The society owed its origins to the formation of the Port of London Society, formed to minister to the religious needs of seamen and twenty-five years later merged with the Sailors’ Society to form the British and Foreign Sailors’ Society which promoted the moral and religious improvements of sailors’.****

And almost a century on Lord Jellicoe was there to support the Manchester and Salford branch whose offices were in the Houldsworth Hall on Deansgate.

Just why the material turned up in the Trust’s archives has yet to be revealed, but I guess the link may have been that they were both charities and corresponded.

The Society
Either way it has offered up a new avenue of research, from the intriguing Million Shillings Fund to his speech at Hpouldsworth Hall.

Location; Manchester, 1918

Picture; postcard from the British and Foreign Sailors’ Society, 1918

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