Thursday, 27 July 2017

On Barlow Moor Road with tram car 183 and hidden buildings

It’s a tram picture again but with a bit of a difference, because it is the background which interests me more.

We are on Barlow Moor Road just past the junction with Beech Road, I don’t have a date but guess it must be the 1930s or 40s.

Tram car 183 is stationary and is empty.

What fascinate me are the buildings behind the tram.

At the far end where the chap is about cross entry is now Carrington’s, but clearly from the wall and hedge it was still a private residence while was is now the charity shop was a grocers.

All of which makes me think I must go and check out all these little bits of detail in the street directories.
In the meantime I have to admit it is a fine picture of car 183 and will no doubt please all the people out there who like these pictures of trams.

Picture; from the collection of Alan Brown

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