Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Pizza by the metre ....... a history lesson, a culinary experience and just a bit of fun

Now I have to say I was a tad sceptical about the metre pizza, having been introduced to the real thing in a tiny side street in Naples.

And I was more than satisfied by our meal in the place last week.*

But when the metre pizza is served in the restaurant which styles itself the University of Pizza you just have to check it out.

Of course pizza is one of the world’s original street foods and is still sold as that pretty much everywhere.

That said I was intrigued by ordering by the ruler and I wasn’t disappointed.

We had travelled down the railway line from Sant’ Agnello just a couple of stops to the Pizza a Metro da "Gigino" L'università della pizza.**

“This historic restaurant, located in the centre of Vico Equense, in the Naples province, is world renowned for its creation.

Created by Gigino Dell’Amura, the Pizza a Metro has delighted its customers with its unique taste, authentic ingredients and its exclusive shape.

The restaurant, also known as “Università della pizza” offers a big selection of pizzas, which can be enjoyed according to the “size” of your appetite. In addition to pizza, you can enjoy the chef’s specialities: large appetisers, seafood and meat specialities, and cakes for every taste.

The pizza a metro was born in 1930s, thanks to the idea of Luigi Dell’Amura, a.k.a. Gigino. Cleverness, fantasy, intuition, hard work transformed the way of making pizza.

The idea of creating pizzas with different sizes according to the number of people at the table was born in order to satisfy the need to serve more guests in the shortest possible time but with high quality standards.

And finally, the Pizza a metro and the old bakery of the Dell’Amura family became a big restaurant – the pizzeria.”**

So there you have it.  There were six of us and the waiter suggested we should have a meter and a bit which we did, topped with mushrooms for me and an assortment of other “things” for the rest.

It was daunting to say the least when it arrived but we ate it all.

We could have had a selection of other Neapolitan dishes and there were plenty who were ordering some enticing food.

But we stuck to the pizza.

Now it all sounds a gimmick but it works.  The food is excellent as is the service and the restaurant.

And as they say in all the food magazines were pleasantly surprised at the bill which along with the meter and a bit pizza, and four beers and two still bottles of water was just €64, which was when we worked it out even cheaper than my favourite place in Naples.

In the last few months his pizzas have gone up from €3 to  €4.

Leaving me to say that the meter pizza was indeed the real thing.

Which is a god point to close.  I don't of course want to accused of being pretentious.

Location; Vico Equense

Pictures; inside the Pizza a Metro da "Gigino" L'università della pizza. in 2017 courtesy of ALTO•VISUAL and in an earlier time courtesy of Pizza a Metro da "Gigino" L'università della pizza

*A Roman street and Neapolitan pizza from Pizzeria I Decumani........ just perfect, https://chorltonhistory.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/a-roman-street-and-neapolitan-pizza.html

**Pizza a Metro da "Gigino" L'università della pizza, http://www.pizzametro.it/en/index.html