Monday, 31 July 2017

Salford’s Pubs ............. a priceless collection of drinking places

This is a book I forgot I had.

It was written by Tony Flynn and Alan Gall and published by Neil Richardson, price £1.50

The discovery was the prize for having to tidy and clear the cellar.

Now there are two ways of approaching the task, which is either to be reconciled to a long and dirty day away from the computer and shed loads of research or look upon it as an opportunity to find treasures long since lost and forgotten.

And as I came across quite a few books which had long ago gone to the cellar the rewards were all there.

More so because I had recently tried to get a copy only to find that even on Amazon it was a book too far.

All of which has meant that I have relied on my friend Alan who has been kind enough to offer up information on some of the pubs I stumbled across on Greengate and at times correcting me when I got things wrong.

Not that my use of my copy will spoil our friendship but I suspect will have added to it.

And that is all I want to say other than we all owe Mr and Mrs Richardson a debt for the way they have supported local historians who wanted to tell the story of their home town.

At a time when few of the big publishers were touching local history Neil Richardson was publishing books on everything from Salford and Manchester pubs to memories of growing up in Cheetham Hill and serving in local Pals Battalions.

Location; Salford

Pictures; cover front and reverse Salford’s Pubs, Tony Flynn and Alan Gall and published by Neil Richardson


  1. I too have a copy of Salford Pubs but mine was priced at a very affordable (even in those days) 50p!
    As you say, the Richardson's produced a fabulous range of local history items. I have Manchester Music Makers, The Belle Vue Story and When Stockport Rocked - by then inflation had taken its toll and price was a tad short of a fiver!

  2. The lights are back on at The Black Friar, Blackfriars ???