Thursday, 6 July 2017

Searching for a date in an old Salford picture

It will I think be very difficult to date exactly this picture of a group of Salford Mill women and by extension know what was being celebrated.

It might be Empire Day which would place it on or after 1904 when the event was started or just possibly to mark the end of the Boer War which was two years earlier.

And it will hang on which of the women in the picture is Annie Holland.  She was born in 1889 and grew up around on Cobden Street in Salford and was the grandmother of Alan who has kindly allowed me to use three family photographs of Annie.*

Annie  is one of the women at the back on the right which puts the picture sometime after 1911, which means we might be looking at the celebrations for the coronation of King George V in that year or more likely an event during  or after Great War.

Now this is not the youthful face that stares out of us from the earlier photograph  so I minded to think we must be mch later, but just when is still unclear.

*Annie Holland in Salford in 1911

Picture; Salford Mill women courtesy of Alan

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