Friday, 14 July 2017

South east London and the pictures that mean the most

Now I am wondering just which scene means most to those of us who were born and grew up in south east London.

I fully accept that is a bit of a tall order given the size of south east London and if like me you have moved around a bit.

Added to which bits will have changed almost out of recognition so having been born in the first half of the last century the landscape of Woolwich and Peckham baffle me when I return.

But if I had to choose it might well be the Pleasaunce or the woods in Well Hall where I was most happiest, the ferry with its connection to the Thames or when the train pulls over the river towards Waterloo Railway Station and I know I am home.

The idea of a personal picture was sparked off recently when our Jill took a series of photographs of Greenwich Park, and like many who looked at them I was instantly transported back to magical times long ago.

Mine include playing in the park, taking a new girlfriend for a walk down into Greenwich, and that time in the autumn of 1970 when I showed the place off to a group of friends from Manchester.

Nothing will quite top that day.  The sun was still warm and set off the leaves which were turning from gold to brown but there was that slight chill which you can get in early October.

And it is of early mornings that I shall finish, because Jill took the pictures soon after the sun had risen, when the light is sharp and enhances the features of landscape.

So that is it.

Location; Greenwich

Pictures; Greenwich Park, July 2107, from the collection of Jillian Goldsmith

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